Claude Monet box

For ages 5-14 years. Introducing the Monet Art Box. Bring the magic of art into your child’s world, inspired by the master of Impressionism, Claude Monet!



Ignite your child’s creativity with the Monet Art Box! Inside, they’ll find vibrant paints, brushes, and oil pastels to bring their imagination to life. Engaging educational materials offer insights into Monet’s life and artistry, inspiring them to create delightful masterpieces inspired by his iconic paintings, from whimsical garden scenes to dreamy water lilies.

But that’s not all – we believe in the power of education to nurture young talents. Each box includes materials offering fascinating insights into Monet’s love for nature and his artistic process, fostering a deeper appreciation for creativity and nature while guiding them through the process of creating with confidence.

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Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in


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